Thursday, January 17, 2013

Steve Pearce is Crazier Than We Thought

We know it's late, but we just got back to our office from the legislature and we couldn't leave until we told you what we just heard.

Tea Party Congressman Steve Pearce addressed a joint session of the New Mexico legislature today.  His big message to his constituents and legislators?  All the unemployed people in my district are on drugs. 

At least 36,000 of Pearce's constituents were unemployed in 2011 and the state and region has continued to lose jobs since but, according to Pearce, "They can't pass the drug screen and they won't come off of government assistance."


Pearce also told the legislature that he hosted job fairs for constituents, not to help them get jobs, but to point out that those job-seeking constituents were all just drug users and abusing public assistance.

The reason I had the jobs fairs is because I was hearing everyone saying there were no jobs. And then on the other hand, I was seeing employers say, 'We have no people. We can't hire anyone. They won't come to work. They can't pass the drug screen and they won't come off of government assistance.' So we began to have the job fairs to point that out."

Pearce's district includes all of Southern New Mexico including some of the most unemployed counties in the state.  Here's a snapshot of the employment situation from the State's latest Labor Market Review:

  • Total nonfarm employment in the Las Cruces MSA (largest metropolitan area in the district) decreased by 2,500 jobs (in December) or 3.5percent, marking eight consecutive months of negative growth.

  • Over the year, total nonfarm employment decreased by 2,500 jobs or 3.5 percent, marking eight consecutive months of negative growth. Both public- and private-sector industries posted declines in employment (down 3.2 percent and 3.7 percent, respectively).

  • New Mexico's most-unemployed county, Luna, is in Pearce's Second District.  1-in-6 working persons there are unemployed.

We're still here working - we do it 365 days a year, even when there are no elections - because we know we are moving New Mexico forward.  When people like Steve Pearce say things like this, he's pushing us backwards and we won't stand for it.

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Keeping up with the crazy things Steve Pearce says is more than a full-time job.  We're still here in the office late and we're not done.

But, we can't do it alone.

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