Friday, December 7, 2012

NMGOP Civil War Heats Up

John Fremont strikes again.  Well, the 21st Century incarnation of him.  

New Mexico Republicans will meet in tomorrow, December 8, to elect a new state chairman.  The election is seen by many as a referendum on the direction of the party, controlled by the pro-Martinez branch of the party managed by (some say held hostage by) the governor's political advisor Jay McCleskey.  

We wrote earlier about the post-election battle being waged publicly against McCleskey.  On the eve of the election, a new email was sent to GOP insiders from "John Fremont" (Fremont was the founder of the modern day Republican Party c. 1854) urging them to vote against any chairman controlled by McCleskey.

Seems the next battle in the NMGOP Civil War is upon us. 

Read the email here:

From The Desk Of John Fremont

Dear Patrick,

On Saturday, December 8th, our State Central Committee will elect new party leadership that will have the opportunity to rebuild our party to ensure Republican victories in the future.

To successfully unite our party, it's critical that we elect leadership and a State Chairman who is not controlled by Jay McCleskey.  

In my last email, I made it clear that McCleskey's tactics have fractured and divided our party for too long because his primary objective is to enrich himself and destroy those who would stand in his way.

I received dozens of responses from fellow Republicans who were thrilled that someone finally shone a light on McCleskey, some of whom were met with reprisals for trying to do something similar. Here are just a few responses:

"Republican insiders have known this for a long time and have found it very frustrating. By bringing the problem out in the open maybe our party can finally address the problem."

"Thank you for sending out the information on Jay. I am glad someone had the guts to send something like that email."

"NOT A DIME for the state party from me until I see a full about-face in their approach."

With the election tomorrow, Jay is working hard right now to make sure that we elect a State Chairman he has the best chance of controlling.   I'm writing now to once again pull back the curtain on Jay so that our State Central Committee members can make an independent decision that is not influenced by Jay's tactics.

Quite simply:  the candidate controlled by McCleksey will be the candidate who attacks opponents using surrogates armed with baseless accusations that challenge a candidate's commitment to our party and our principles.  

These attacks are easy to recognize because their content is ALWAYS THE SAME!  Furthermore, they are usually launched at the 11th hour, leaving his targets unable to properly defend themselves until it's too late.    If you see a candidate or his surrogates launching an attack matching the above m.o. - there's a darn good chance McCleskey is behind it.

Here are just a few of the good Republicans who have been attacked by Jay like this: Lt. Gov Walter Bradley, John Sanchez (at the 2010 pre-primary convention), Allen Weh, and past Party Chair - Ramsey Gorham.   The list goes on.

In my last email, I urged you to reject McCleskey's politics and his tactics.  This is your chance.  

If you want our party to remain independent of Jay McCleskey, be on the lookout for a candidate (or a candidate's surrogates) who would launch baseless attacks on their opponents.   Any candidate who relies on circulating gossip that attacks fellow Republicans is not qualified to unite our party.

The purpose of this email is not to advance any specific candidate or slate for tomorrow, but rather to make you aware of what is happening behind-the-scenes so that you may make an informed choice about which candidate to support.  The fact is, every candidate is committed to our party, our governor, and our success in the future. 

I encourage you to support candidates that not only align with your principles, but have apositive vision for our party's future.


John Fremont

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