Thursday, November 1, 2012

Finance Report: Candidate gets no support from voters, but big money from special interests

Republican House candidate Chris Saucedo raised more than $29,000 over the last month, but 99% came from lobbyists and special interests and not a single penny came from constituents or voters in his district.

Of the $29,200 Saucedo raised in the October reporting period, he received just Saucedo.jpgtwo individual donations and neither donor lives in his district. Those donations account for just 1% of all they money raised. According to his report, Saucedo received $250 from contractor Michael Rich (lives in House District 31) and $100 from Michelle Henrie (lives in 11), a lawyer and former lobbyist herself.

To look at his finance reports, voters should wonder if Chris Saucedo is spending a little too much time in the company of special interests instead of with the voters who he should actually be representing.

In May, ProgressNowNM reported on nine New Mexico legislators whose campaigns were 100% financed by lobbyists and special interests. KOB-TV followed our report and asked some of those elected officials about their too-cozy relationship with big business.

We previously reported that Saucedo received some hefty boosts from Governor Martinez in the days leading up to his candidacy announcement.  Saucedo was awarded a $1,000,000 contract from the state and appointed to the board of the National Hispanic Cultural Center just days before the nominating period began.

In the post-Citizens United world, candiates and campaigns find it hard to avoid taking some donations from businesses and lobbyists, but rarely do campaigns fail to solicit support from potential constituents and individuals.


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