Thursday, November 22, 2012

Black Friday Protests Come to NM

This holiday weekend, Americans gather to give thanks and reflect on our privilege to live in a country that has so much to appreciate.  And while many of us will never know what it means to truly struggle financially, not all are so fortunate.  Many employees of the country's largest retailer, Walmart, have been stretched so thin they've reached a breaking point.

There is a dark underbelly beneath that iconic yellow smiley-face.  Walmart is America's largest employer and with 39 stores in New Mexico - 9 in the Albuquerque metro area alone, thousands of New Mexicans punch the clock in supercenters and small-town stores alike to put food on the table and keep a roof overhead.  But sadly this huge employer is also one of the worst at fair compensation and benefits for its hard-working employees who keep the discount giant running.  Many struggle paycheck-to-paycheck, live without essential benefits not included in their service-level jobs and have to choose between health insurance for their families and school supplies and clothing.  For years the company has retaliated against those whose backs it is built on by answering their call for fair compensation and job security by firing them, cutting hours, and changing schedules.

It's time to hear their story. This Black Friday, Walmart employees have had enough.  Workers and their families across America will stage protests to illustrate their struggle for a fair shake from the retailer whose ironic slogan "Live Better" seems to only apply to its CEO whose pockets swelled with billions in profits this year. 

We know how important this message is to New Mexicans fighting for equal workers rights.  This Friday we have an opportunity to stand with the workers in person as a solidification of New Mexican's values. This week, we're telling the workers they're not alone: we must let them know the public is behind them in the hard moments and days ahead.

 TELL THE WALMART STRIKERS YOU SUPPORT THEM: BOYCOTT WALMART THIS BLACK FRIDAY.  There are plenty of other retailers offering great bargains not financed at the expense of their staff.  

Even better, show your support for hard-working people everywhere by demanding fairness for the employees of Walmart by standing in protest with employees and advocates!:

Protests are already scheduled at mulitiple Wal-Marts across the Albuquerque area.  See the full list of Albuquerque events here.

Events scheduled (as of Thursday 9am):


WalMart Supercenter 850, 2701 Carlisle (Carlisle & Menaul NE, just North of I-40) 

WalMart Supercenter 2924, 2250 Coors Blvd NW

WalMart Supercenter 835, 400 Eubank NE

Sam's Club 4703, 10600 Coors Bypass NW (near Cottonwood Mall)


Rio Rancho

WalMart Supercenter 1397, 10224 Coors Bypass NW (10:00am)


Los Lunas

WalMart Supercenter 3596, 2250 Main St, Los Lunas


Santa Fe

WalMart Supercenter 829, 3251 Cerrillos Rd (10:00 am)



WalMart Supercenter 906, 1650 W Maloney Ave (8:00 am)



WalMart Supercenter 826, 4600 E. Main St


Visit to learn more about the ways you can help support the nationwide Black Friday boycott and the efforts to make Walmart work for its people.

Let's make sure the strikers know that the country is behind them. Join us this Friday!

Thanks for all you do to make this movement real.



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