Thursday, October 25, 2012

TONIGHT! Tell Heather Wilson We Won't Tolerate Her Tolerating Bullying

Heather Wilson joined the pro-bully caucus in April when she said she told voters at a form that she "tolerates" bullying of our kids.  We know better.  Following a wave of highly publicized suicides by children who were targets of bullies, the world came together to say "It Gets Better."   Heather Wilson took another stance.

She refused to endorse legislation requiring schools to create and enforce anti-bullying policies.

No one who bullies should be tolerated.

Tonight is the last NM Senate debate AND IT'S TELEVISED AND PUBLIC.

JOIN US AT SANDIA HIGH SCHOOL AT 6:00 TO TELL HEATHER WILSON WE WON'T TOLERATE HER IF SHE TOLERATES BULLYING.  Let's ask Heather why she tolerates bullying that leads to child suicides.

Bring your signs and your friends to remind New Mexico that we can't tolerate Heather Wilson.

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