Monday, October 29, 2012

Wilson claims lead in new poll she won't share

Despite at least a half-dozen polls in the past six weeks, including the Albuquerque Journal's front-page poll this weekend, showing Heather Wilson down by from 8 to 13 points, Wilson just announced that she is actually winning and has the poll to prove it. 

Thumbnail image for HeinrichWilson.jpgBut there is one catch, you can't see it.  Wilson is either lying, created her own poll to mislead voters (you can do this by skewing your universe, asking misleading questions, etc) or somehow made up an eight-point gap in four days. Any one would be a story.

Wilson released a polling memo but not the questions or full methodology behind it. According to the memo, Public Opinion Strategies conducted the poll on Oct 21-22, just one day before the Journal's simliar statewide poll.  What's the difference?  If we believe Wilson's poll, she was down by 9 on October 9-11, gained all of that and then some to be up by one on October 21-22 and lost it all on October 23rd when the Journal polled.  One of these polls doesn't line up. 

Polling watchers will remember the last time POS did polling for Wilson (9/12/12) they showed her just 4 down, while other polls conducted on either side of the POS poll maintained Heinrich's lead at 8 and 9 points.  Maybe POS is called POS for a reason?


We call B.S. and in the tradition of Donald Trump, call on Wilson to "show me your papers!"

Read the Wilson email for yourself:

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Bryce Dustman <>
Date: Mon, Oct 29, 2012 at 11:39 AM
Subject: in the lead
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Friend ,

A new poll shows Heather leading Congressman Heinrich for the first time this race, demonstrating what she has done in the final weeks of every general election -- closed the gap to win.

The poll shows Wilson leading Heinrich 44 percent to 43 percent, with Independent American Party candidate Jon Barrie pulling 6 percent of the vote and leaving 7 percent undecided.

Will you donate right now to keep our momentum going?

Your contribution helps us make more Get Out The Vote calls in the final days.

Also, did you see that the Albuquerque Journal endorsed Heather on Sunday?

The Journal understands that Congressman Heinrich is the wrong choice to represent New Mexico in the United States Senate.

This is a big win for our campaign and our momentum continues to build as we head into the final week of the campaign.

Will you please donate right now so we can continue to get our message out? We need to make sure that everyone knows about the Albuquerque Journal endorsement.

Your support is critical in this final week. It is the most important time for our campaign since this is when many voters start to tune in.

Bryce Dustman
Campaign Manager

P.S. This race is a dead heat. Your support no matter how big or small helps us Get Out The Vote. 

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Wilson Voted Against Funding for Disaster Relief

29 October 2012


Wilson Voted Against Funding for Disaster Relief
As Hurricane Sandy Bears Down on East Coast
FEMA Will Likely Play Important Role 

ALBUQUERQUE -- Heather Wilson cast votes against subsidizing Natural Disaster Insurance and against increasing funding to FEMA during her ten years in congress.sandy.jpeg

The role of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is back in the news as Hurricane Sandy begins to pound the East Coast and it's important for voters to know what Heather Wilson thinks about federal disaster relief.

In 2001, Heather Wilson voted against a $389 million increase for FEMA's disaster-relief fund even though FEMA's previous funding levels were inadequate to cover the agency's programs and projected expenses.  

Wilson also voted against the Homeowner's Defense Act of 2007. That bill required the federal government to lend money to states to help pay for damages to homes and businesses caused during natural disasters.

When Hurricane Irene was over it caused over $8 billion in damages -- Hurricane Sandy's wrath is expected to be much worse. When disaster strikes, the federal government must step in to help states with their cleanup costs -- why does Heather Wilson (and the de facto head of the Republican Party) feel differently?

Thursday, October 25, 2012

TONIGHT! Tell Heather Wilson We Won't Tolerate Her Tolerating Bullying

Heather Wilson joined the pro-bully caucus in April when she said she told voters at a form that she "tolerates" bullying of our kids.  We know better.  Following a wave of highly publicized suicides by children who were targets of bullies, the world came together to say "It Gets Better."   Heather Wilson took another stance.

She refused to endorse legislation requiring schools to create and enforce anti-bullying policies.

No one who bullies should be tolerated.

Tonight is the last NM Senate debate AND IT'S TELEVISED AND PUBLIC.

JOIN US AT SANDIA HIGH SCHOOL AT 6:00 TO TELL HEATHER WILSON WE WON'T TOLERATE HER IF SHE TOLERATES BULLYING.  Let's ask Heather why she tolerates bullying that leads to child suicides.

Bring your signs and your friends to remind New Mexico that we can't tolerate Heather Wilson.